Kurdish leaders and politicians express their views for the success and importance of the Kurdish dialogue

Navin Rasho

The Roj Ava Center for Studies organized a dialogue forum entitled “Kurdish-Kurdish differences facts and solutions”, with the participation of a group of politicians and officials in Roj Java and abroad, in the Afrin region in The City of Qamishlo.

In this regard, said “Akram Hasso”, from my point of view, these events should have been held a long time ago and more broadly, especially for the “Western Kurdistan” and the conflicts in which they are taking place, today The Square of Roj Ava has become a center of conflict and war for local and international forces and especially the occupying forces of Kurdistan.

“We at the Kurdistan National Congress support and support these events and resolve Kurdish differences at the level of Rojava, Kurdistan and Kurdistan in general, and we hope that both sides of the Kurdish dialogue will adapt to global changes to ensure the rights of the Kurdish people and the rights of Kurdistan,” he said.

He called on the politician Akram Hasso, both sides of the Kurdish dialogue, not to put obstacles to the success of the dialogue, and to the accession of the remaining political parties outside the dialogue processes, activists, politicians and all Kurds in Roj Ava Kurdistan, away from partisan and personal interests, and to have their opinions within the interests of the Kurds and Kurdistan so that they can achieve Kurdish unity and Kurdish dialogue.

He continued, today the whole world is witnessing a change in its policies on the Kurds to move according to these variables to protect their interests and to cross this stage.

During her intervention at the second session of the forum, YPJ leader Nasrin Abdullah said this forum is a serious plan for Kurdish unity and we must focus on the commonalities between these participants “Kurdish parties”, which serve the unity of the Kurdish class.

“We Kurds have great responsibilities in protecting and caring for the interests of all components of the Syrian people, and this has been clearly demonstrated in northern Syria, which confirms our ability to do so,” she said.
“We must bear in mind that if we do not unite as a Kurd, we will succeed significantly in this leading role assigned to the Kurdish people in Syria,” said Nasrin Abdullah, a leader of the Women’s Protection Units.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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