YPG spokesperson makes important appeal to all Kurdish parties

Kajin Ahmed –

YPG spokesman” Nuri Mahmoud” appealed to all Kurdish political parties and organizations in Rojava, United, to unite, stressing that this unity was carried out by Kurdish martyrs.

“”Mahmoud”, the Kurds are truly united, as evidenced by the martyrs’ shrines, in all the cities of Rojava,” he said.

“Go to the martyrs’ shrines, which include the bodies of ypg, QSD and Peshmerga, as well as the bodies of martyrs from the four parts of Kurdistan,” he said.

“This is the true unity of the Kurdish people, which was made thanks to the blood of the martyrs,” the ypg military spokesman said.
“What prevents the achievement of this unity, the Kurds and the leaders and political and Kurdish organizations must define and agree on the basic strategic principles of the Kurdish people,” he said.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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