Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies highlights Kurdish differences at a dialogue forum in The City of Qamishlo

Selava Omar –

The Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies organized a dialogue forum about Kurdish differences entitled “Kurdish-Kurdish differences of facts and solutions” at the Afrin Lounge in The City of Qamishlo.

According to the forum program, the first session will include a video report on some of the “Kurdish-Kurdish” differences throughout recent history, and a comprehensive study of the emergence of Kurdish-Kurdish differences, from the 20th century to the present day, particularly in northern and southern Kurdistan, the center of Kurdish political weight.

The second session will deal with a comprehensive presentation of the current reality in all its political and social aspects, the circumstances of the Kurdish movement and the threats to the Kurdish presence, in the face of the hostile policies and practices of demographic change to which our people have been subjected since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

The third session discusses proposals for strategic solutions and future perceptions of the Kurdish issue, which has become a major controversy on the international scene over the past 10 years, to reach common points about the Kurdish national side.

The center pointed out that the goal of the forum is to reach a comprehensive kurdish national vision, by putting forward multiple and different opinions, and circulating views among the participants to reach a solution or solutions to face the danger of political and social support to the Kurdish people, smear campaigns and systematic repression by the authorities occupying Kurdistan and agreeing on national lines, and taking historical responsibility by those concerned about the fate of the Kurdish people of politicians, revolutionary movements, civil society organizations and institutions interested in the future of Kurdistan and the exploitation of opportunity. historical to change the colonial compasses that have guided our people towards annihilation for hundreds of years.

In addition to issuing a statement or recommendations by the Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies summarizes the ideas and countries that were put forward in the meeting and sent to the relevant authorities.

The “Kurdish-Kurdish Differences of Events and Solutions” forum, organized by the Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies, began this morning at the Afrin Lounge in Qamishlo, amid a large participation of Kurdish political party officials, prominent Kurdish figures, intellectuals and jurists.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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