SDF responds to Turkish Defense Ministry and refutes claims in Northern Syria

Kajin Ahmed –

The SDF has confirmed that Turkey is creating lies and pretexts to justify its attacks on the Northern and Eastern regions of Syria and legalize its military presence in Syria.

The SDF refuted a statement in Friday, saying in a statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry in February 18, 2021, about the attempt to enter the areas controlled by Turkish forces and Syrian armed factions.

“In February 18, the Ministry of Defense of the Turkish occupation state published news claiming that two of our fighters wanted to cross into the areas under their occupation,” said the SDF Media Center.

“We affirm that this information is false and untrue, and that the Turkish occupation State with these statements is trying to create pretexts and arguments to justify its attacks and occupation of the region,” the statement stressed.

Turkey, in cooperation with the armed factions of the Syrian coalition, has taken control of large areas of northern Syria through three military operations, under the pretext of protecting its national security.

In its areas of control, Turkey is carrying out demographic change and is changing the region, as well as launching the hands of hardline Syrian factions to commit the most egregious violations against the remaining residents, raising these violations to war crimes, according to the ICRC’s report on Syria.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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