In order to starve the people of the region.. Turkish forces target grain stores in Ain Issa

Pergin Hassoun – Xeber24.net

Turkish forces and their loyal Syrian armed factions have stepped up, targeting the autonomous areas of northern and eastern Syria, particularly infrastructure, with the aim of hitting the region’s economy.

The Turkish state and its loyalist factions stepped up their shelling on the” Ain Essa” area to reach the silos of the village of Musheirfa and infect a number of silo cells containing (12) cells, each storing approximately 1,000 tons of wheat, amid the threat of strategic wheat stocks in the area of Ain Issa.

And With the beginning of the control of the Turkish forces and their factions in the city of Kresbe and the countryside of Ain Issa north and east, the area of Silos is under bombardment under the sight of Russian forces, which are approximately 500 meters away from the silos mentioned, and the recent bombing of silos has caused extensive damage to the cells, causing damage to a large part of the stock.

The damage was represented by the leakage of large quantities of grains, in addition to the leakage of rain to the cells stored for grain from the holes caused by the bombing, and the wheat stored in the silos of The Ain Issa area is a strategic stock for the people of the area, as it supplies six ovens located in the area, in addition to providing a material (forage bran).

And the 120,000-ton capacity of the Sharcrak silos before the destruction of its infrastructure by the factions that have taken control of the region, and the self-management rehabilitated 90 percent of the silos last year at a cost of 124 million and 700 thousand Syrian pounds to receive wheat crops from farmers, and to secure an annual strategic stock in the region.

Before the invasion of the Turkish state and its finances in the northern and eastern regions of Syria in the silos of “Sharcrak”, the Economic Committee received 48,000 tons of wheat, in addition to 50,000 tons of barley, and the silos of “Ain Issa” were fully mobilized, which accommodate1 thousand tons as a strategic stock that would secure the material of the bread eye Issa, and provided other areas with the material in case of needing additional quantities, in addition to securing a large amount of feed materials for livestock.

The Turkish army and its factions have targeted the silos, which store thousands of tons of wheat and barley in the cities of Kresbe “White Hill” and Sri Kani “Ras al-Ain” and looted them through the crossings of Turkey, looting an estimated 20,000 tons of wheat crops stored in silos (vestibule- rock) in Sri Kani and Kari Spey, since they took control of it on October 9, 2019.

And it is worth mentioning that Turkish forces and armed factions of the Syrian coalition continue to target self-governing areas to create chaos and instability, all without the two guarantor suppositions of the ceasefire agreement to stop their violations.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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