Turkey complains about the PKK to NATO and brings a new charge to it

Berusk Hassan –

Turkish Defense Minister “Khalousi Akar” made remarks regarding a meeting of NATO defense ministers focused primarily on fighting the PKK.

We have clearly drawn the attention of our allies to the fact that licensing restrictions, sanctions attempts and threats against our country are weakening the alliance,” he said.

On Wednesday, the two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers was completed.

“Akar” said in his statement that during the meeting, issues of defense, deterrence, NATO activities in Afghanistan and Iraq and global developments were discussed during the meeting.

“We have confirmed that our fight against many ‘terrorist’ organizations, particularly ISIS, the PKK/YPG/PYD, and the Gülen terrorist organization, continues with determination,” Akar “said in a statement.

“Akar” stated that he had provided full information about Operation Gary and that the PKK posed a threat to NATO’s mission in Iraq: “We provided brief information on Operation Eagle Claw-2, which was carried out against the PKK in the North.

In his statement, Akar claimed that “once again, the PKK and YPG were seen to be the same organization. In addition, during efforts to expand NATO’s mission in Iraq, we mentioned that the PKK is the biggest obstacle to NATO’s mission. We stressed the importance of allied action in unity, solidarity and solidarity in the fight against terrorism as a common threat.”

“Everyone should know that our war against terrorism will continue with determination and determination until the last terrorist is neutralized,” he said.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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