“Xeber24” lens visits a “karate” center in Qamishlo and monitors the training of players

Navin Rasho –

Sports activities are expanding in the Northern and Eastern regions of Syria, such as football, basketball, volleyball and athletics activities, despite the lack of support and possibilities in addition to the difficulties faced by players.

Karate game is one of the most widespread games in the world and is one of the most famous martial arts games, and the player must have high morals during combat, where the player is based on respecting the opponent before the friend.

The lens “Xeber24” highlighted the training of one of the teams of “karate” in the city of Qamishlo, where the players wear a uniform for the game and tie around the waist “belt”, indicates the color of the player, where the beginner takes a belt of white color, and then 6 colors in order “yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, red” according to the degree of professionalism and strength of the player, until he gets the black belt which is the degree of professionalism.

The team coach, Raji Hussein, said: “I have been working as a coach for this game for four years, and holds a certificate of training and arbitration in karate and the belt “Black 4 Dan”, and pointed out” Raji Hussein” that the team consists of about 60 students, which is a subsidiary of the club “Tigris”, adding that they participated in many championships, and reaped the results of their training by receiving many awards and winning several championships.

For his part, one of the players of the team, “Maan Al-Aweed” expressed his happiness with his participation in the team’s training, pointing out that they participated in several championships in which they occupied the first, second and third places, and snatched many titles.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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