Erdogan threatens Kurds and HDP

Kajin Ahmed –

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has renewed his threat against the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Party (HDP), claiming that the Turkish nation will hold you accountable for defending the PKK.

“We have a party that has never become a real political institution because it cannot disclaim itself from the PKK,” Erdogan said in a speech after Wednesday’s ministerial meeting.

Look at the rudeness, I’m not saying cheapness, this party is threatening our communications director Fakhreddin Alton through a leaflet documenting his ties to the PKK from his official account,” he said.

“As a coalition of the public, we tell the agents of this party that the Turkish nation will hold you accountable, and will first ask you about the victims of Turkey’s dead and the veterans, so that no one tries to commit a similar betrayal,” Erdogan said.

He also claimed that “those who do not condemn the PKK without hesitation cannot define themselves as a political party in this country.”

The head of communications at the presidential palace,” Fakhreddine Alton”, accused the HDP of responsibility for the killing of Turkish military prisoners in Gari, after which the Turkish authorities launched a campaign of frenzy, arresting more than 700 Kurds, mostly members of the HDP.

On its official website, the party responded to Alton’s claims that “no one can purify the blood and tears by attacking our party, which received more than 6 million votes. This goes beyond the neck of the media guardian at the presidential palace, “Fakhreddine Alton”, The people have the right to know the facts.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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