After 22 years of the capture of Abdullah Ocalan

Ocalan’s steadfastness in Imrali and Gerilla in the field spoiled the purpose of his capture

on the 15th night of Feb. 1999, Kurdish leader (Abdullah Ocalan) was captured in Kenya by the Israeli-united states plan with the cooperation of Greece and Kenya and hand over to a group of Turkish commandos were sent for this purpose to Kenya to administer that nasty operation and direct that strike to the Kurdistan National Movement, by the countries allied with Turkey in a regional security system associated with maintaining the interests of Classic colonization and against the interests of the people in the Middle East region, especially after the awakening of the Kurdistan people (National Union) with the thought of Ocalani (Apocheism), and turned into a political, military and mass force that cannot be underestimated, it means:

_ The Kurdistan national movement has become free-willed and out of the intervenes of global capitalist countries and the strength of the movement peoples oppressed in the region and the world.

_Destabilizing regional and international equations in the region, and began to threaten the existence of nations founded on the idea of a single national linked to the global capitalism wheel, which established the basis for the interests of the old colonial powers, and not the region peoples .`

The Kurdistan presence has become a reality for them, and threaten them their interests and evil plans, as they have the start of the work of a regional system to fight the existence of a free movement Kurdistan, and for this reason, the priorities of this axis became against the interests of the oppressed people to unify their efforts against Ocalan and what they did in Kenya:

_ Direct assistance and intervention for the axis of the Turkish state, which has become powerless in facing the development of the Kurdish national movement led by the PKK.
_The Kurdish issue was used as a press
ure card on the countries that occupied Kurdistan by the major countries and on the sidelines of the issues and events, going to take place in the region and turned them into an issue as a “divided and occupied state” and an independent national liberation movement with free will.

Building the regional security system began with the signing of a bilateral treaty between Israel and Turkey on February 22, 1996 and with the Kingdom of Jordan on September 6, 1996 and the security forces of those countries cooperated with Egypt with the green light of the USA and Britain, for:

_ Directing a strike and fighting (Apochia) in Kurdistan in public.

ـ keeping the reference for the Kurdish national movement among the Kurdish parties (southern Kurdistan) and the Washington Agreement of September 1998 was one of the purposes of this goal.

Then it began with the Turkish military threats the green light of the USA and Israel on its borders with Syria, which led to the eviction of Ocalan from Syria in the beginning of October 1998, in Russia and finally to Kenya and its occurrence on February 14, 1999 as a prisoner and handing it over to the Turkish state:

ـ Kurdistan issues objective and historical do not stop the
case by the party or the leader of a particular.

ـ Each cadre in PKK commander for liberation, in front of countries that occupied Kurdistan.

Yes, Turkey was able to capture the national leader Abdullah Ocalan, but this malicious process resulted in the expansion the direction of fan Kurdistan, especially after the awakening of the Kurdistan people (National Union) with the thought of Ocalani (Apocheism), and turned into a political, military and mass force that cannot be underestimated, it means:

isim thinking and the opening of the way for the issue to be internationalized for the sake of radical solutions in international forums.

By: Kawa Nader Qader

Erbil_ Kurdistan

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