PKK reveals details of what happened in Gari and announces the downing of a Turkish helicopter

Berusk Hassan –

The PKK leadership issued a new statement to the public, revealing more information about what happened in the Gari area, during the Turkish army launched a military operation on February 10 until February 14, where Turkish forces suffered a major defeat.

The statement issued by the Popular Defense Forces (HPG), on Sunday, said that “the Turkish occupation army received a terrible defeat during its recent attack on the area of “Gari” belonging to the legitimate defense areas, after the legendary resistance of the fighters and fighters of Grilla who forced the occupation army to withdraw from the area.”

“What was said to be his finest military units was brought in during the recent attack on Kari, but the Krella resistance foiled the attack and forced them to flee,” the statement added.

The statement said the information of the air raids launched by the Turkish army during the recent attack on Kari, that on February 13, at 6:30, a Turkish reconnaissance plane bombed the area of “Pra Zir” located in the vicinity of the area “Mirok.

“From 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Turkish warplanes carried out more than five raids on the Sian area,” the statement continued.

“From 15:40 to 22:45, the Barkari area was subjected to sporadic aerial bombardment,” the statement said.

“At 15:40, shots were heard at the entrance to Camp Sian before the camp was bombed by Turkish warplanes,” the statement said.

“At 18:30, Turkish warplanes targeted the Navin area with several air strikes,” the statement continued.

The statement confirmed that Turkish forces flew Cobra aircraft and bombed the area “at 18:30, Turkish Cobra helicopters bombed the Sian area (at least six times).”

The statement announced the shooting down of their forces a Cobra helicopter “at 22:30, three helicopters tried to enter the airspace of the Area of Kari, followed by attempts for 4 helicopters, and then two helicopters, where all the helicopters came under fire fighters and fighters Grilla, and one Cobra was shot down and the other withdrew from the area.”

“At 23:30 to 01:00 on February 14, Turkish warplanes bombed the vicinity of the village of Shaktiya five times,” the statement said.

“On February 14, from 00:45 to 01:45, the Hill of Shahid Barkhodan was bombed by Turkish reconnaissance aircraft (at least six times),” the statement said.

“From 01:00 to 06:20, Turkish warplanes launched six air strikes on the hill of “Martyr Baran”, the statement said.

The statement revealed that warplanes had flown intensively and bombed the areas of Gari, “and in the past 24 hours, Turkish warplanes have carried out more than 46 air strikes throughout the Kari region.”

The PDF statement noted that at 15:30 on February 13, the “Martyr Dalal” air defense units repelled Turkish warplanes in the sian region, stressing that a number of them were injured.

“The attack launched by the Turkish occupation army on Kari was confronted by fighters and fighters of The Krila with valiant resistance, who managed to thwart the attack. Although the occupying Power has declared that its finest military units are involved in this operation (this attack). Our forces were able to thwart a new attempt by the occupying army to storm the legitimate defense areas, forcing them to withdraw and end the operation. Details of the resistance of Krila against the Turkish army will be mentioned in a statement to be published later.”

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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