The Biden administration in the first practical action on self-management asks the international community to take this step?

Kajin Ahmed –

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the Biden administration will ask the international community at the NATO meeting to return its citizens from ISIS captivity held in the “Hol” camp northeast of Al- Hassakah, a self-administered north and east of Syria.

“Kirby” said new U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will participate in the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting, which will be held via video on Wednesday and Thursday, to reaffirm Washington’s commitment to the alliance, promising that no significant decision will be taken without consultation with them.

A Pentagon spokesman said Austin will convey a “positive message about the importance of NATO, and he wants to revive our commitment to “NATO”, adding that his message “will be that we are better when we move together and work as a team that makes us stronger and collective security is shared security and also in our common interest.”

“Kirby” said the thorny issue of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, scheduled for early May, will be at the top of the program of talks, but no decision is expected to be announced.

“It’s the supreme leader (President Joe Biden) who makes these kinds of decisions,” he said, noting that this cabinet meeting will help Austin “shape his ideas and the kind of recommendations he should make to the commander-in-chief.”

“As he told his counterparts, especially in NATO, no decision will be taken without proper consultation and discussion with them,” the military spokesman noted.

On freezing the partial withdrawal from Germany, Kirby said, “I think the Secretary of Defense will remember that collective security is shared security,” noting that “NATO”members pledged in 2014 to allocate 2% of their budget to defense. “But I also think it will recognize that many of our allies in the Atlantic are up to 2%, and that many are making great efforts to achieve it,” he said.

This is supposed to be on the agenda of the two meetings, the subject of tension with Turkey, especially Ankara’s insistence on acquiring Russian defense missiles S-400, which the Biden administration has demanded Ankara abandon

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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