Turkish Defense Minister makes remarks on the words of the dead after announcing the end of Operation “Eagle Claw 2”

Kajin Ahmed –

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) (HPG) forces command announced that the Turkish army carried out a military operation targeting a number of its military prisoners in the Area of “Gari” and killed them all.

Turkey claimed on Sunday that they had found the bodies of 13 Turkish civilian prisoners in a cave in the Gari region who had been killed by PKK guerrillas in the attack.

Surprisingly, Turkish Defence Minister “Khalousi Akar” claimed, in the words of one of the dead, that “when we broke into the caves of” Pkk” forces we found the bodies of 13 of our citizens who had been kidnapped previously, and according to one of them, the “terrorist” in charge of the cave killed the 13 civilian citizens when Turkish forces approached the cave in question.

In his claims, “Akar” added that Operation Eagle-2 ended in the “Gari” area of northern Iraq, after they managed to kill 50 PKK fighters and arrest two others.

At a press conference with 2nd Army Commander General “Metin Jurak”, Attorney General Mohamed Safran, Army Commander in the Region Colonel Najmi Inge and Regional Police Commander” Ercan Dagdeverin”, the governor of The Malatya region, The Governor of The State of Malatiya, announced the identity of the prisoners killed by Turkish forces in Operation Eagle Claw II.

Baruch said most of the dead were officers, security and intelligence officers, not as Defense Minister” Khalousi Akar” claimed in a statement Sunday that those killed were civilian prisoners, after mentioning their names and military ranks.

It is worth mentioning that the Popular Defense Forces (PDF) confirmed in a statement on Saturday, that the death toll of Turkish army forces reached nine elements, including officers, while Turkey announced the death of only three.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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