Turkey reveals the extent of differences with Washington and puts Syria’s Kurds at the top of the list of talks with it

After the failure of its policies. Turkey calls on Washington to stop supporting Kurds and " Callen"

Selava Omar –

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin revealed the files and key issues that are points of contention between his country and the United States, pointing to Washington’s support for the SDF is the most prominent.

In an interview with a Turkish television channel, Callen called on the United States to end its support for the “SDF” and to stop the activities of the “Callen” Islamic movement on its territory.

“Last Tuesday, during a telephone conversation with U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, he discussed a number of contentious issues between Washington and Ankara, including U.S. support since the time of former President Barack Obama for Kurdish units and the Callen is a key issue,” he said.

These issues were one of the reasons for Turkey’s strained relations with U.S. administrations, which began under Obama, and went on largely under former President Donald Trump, who unfortunately his administration has not taken at least concrete steps to comfort us on these issues,” Callen said.

He claimed that the letter, signed by 54 U.S. senators, and includes criticism of Turkey, aims to raise the level of tension in Turkish-American relations and return it to a turbulent atmosphere, noting that “there are pressure groups in the Council that are behind this message that does not reflect the truth in any way.”

“We are different about supporting the Islamic State in Syria, but we have many common points regarding the future of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, along with other common points, such as Iraq, counterterrorism there,” ISIS”, the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya and other places,” the spokesman said.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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