Kurdish party exposes Turkish policies and re-exposes its violations against Kurds and its leaders

Kajin Ahmed –

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) confirmed that the Turkish regime is still proceeding according to the abolitionist mentality against the Kurdish people and continues the policy of extermination and massacres against them, and is determined to deny the existence of this people, calling on them to immediately stop its attacks against them and find peaceful solutions to the Kurdish issue.

“As the anniversary of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan approaches and international and popular attitudes calling for his release from Imraly prison and the kurdish people’s freedom around their leader and the project and philosophy of the peoples and the free life presented by Commander Abdullah Ocalan to obtain the natural and legitimate rights of the Kurdish people from authoritarian regimes, led by the Turkish regime,” the PYD said in a statement.

“Turkey continues to assert that it is acting in accordance with the abolitionist mentality and denial of the Kurdish presence and its eras, and demonstrates to the whole world its approach based on massacres and extermination against the Kurdish people, as the Turkish army, under the orders of the fascist authority, on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 launched a barbaric military operation against the forces of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement (KKR) and its targeting in the Jabal Kari area and surrounding areas,” the statement said.

“We in the General Council of the PYD condemn and condemn these attacks, which assure the whole world, that their aim is to eradicate the Kurdish people, abolish their existence from their historical land and eliminate them from the ottoman fascist mentality firmly rooted in the mind of the Turkish regime Erdogan, calling on the United Nations, major states and international human rights organizations to intervene to stop the genocide against the Kurdish people and the symbol of their resistance to the Forces of the Defense of the Grillpeople,” the statement said.

“We call on the popular forces and national parties in The Kurdistan, as well as the governments of Iraq and Bashur, not to stand by these attacks and to take a clear and decisive stand against the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, as well as call on all the Kurdish people to join hands, solidarity and escalate the pace of struggle and resistance against all forms of Turkish attacks and attacks,” he said.

“We also call on the Turkish state to immediately stop its inhuman attacks against Kurds in neighbouring countries and to find peaceful solutions to the Kurdish issue,” the statement concluded.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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