Biden makes important remarks on China in his first Pentagon speech

Navin Rasho –

US President” Joe Biden”, in his first speech from the Pentagon, said Wednesday that a defense team has been formed in charge of china’s dossier, stressing that they will not hesitate to use force to protect America and its allies, and that they must address the challenges china poses to them.

And “Biden” gave the new task force four months to present his assessment, in order to identify a strong path forward on China-related issues, which would require a combined management effort.

He ordered an immediate launch of a review of Beijing’s strategic military approach to the risks posed by it, and that his administration would not hesitate to use force to protect the United States and its allies.

And “Biden” said China and related issues will require government agencies to work together, along with nonpartisan support in Congress and strong alliances.

“That’s how we’re going to deal with the China challenge,” Biden said, along with his deputy Kamala Harris” and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.”

The dispute between the two countries is raging on several issues, with the two countries exchanging accusations of deliberately provocative behavior, while the Pentagon, during the Trump administration, has made containing China a top priority, a policy that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has hinted will continue.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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