Pentagon sets new targets under Biden administration and reveals their true number in Northern Syria

Selava Omar –

The Pentagon confirmed that the specific targets of its forces under the Biden administration have been modified in northeastern Syria, revealing that the number of their forces has reached 900.

The Pentagon announced Monday that U.S. forces in Syria are no longer responsible for protecting oil in the country, as their sole duty is to fight ISIS, in an adjustment to the targets set by former President Donald Trump.

“The Department of Defense’s employees and subcontractors are not authorized to extend a helping hand to a private company seeking to exploit oil resources in Syria, to its employees or agents,” Pentagon spokesman” John Kirby” told reporters.

“The U.S. military deployed in northeastern Syria, currently numbering about 900, is there to support the mission against ISIL in Syria, that’s why they’re there,” he said.

And the commander of the Central Command of the U.S. forces, General Kenneth Mackenzie, confirmed yesterday the inns, in a conference in front of the Middle East Institute, that his country is working to empower local partners to fight ISIS without the help of anyone, stressing the need to continue vigilance and cooperation to prevent the revival of the ideology of extremism.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has always said that the reason his forces are in Syria is to protect oil and oil resources in the eastern Euphrates.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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