Kurdish council precedes events and insists on the return of the Baathist regime’s curriculum to the schools of Rojava and exploits children to demonstrate

Exploits the innocence of children and calls for the return of the Syrian regime's platform to Rojava

Kajin Ahmed –

The Kurdish Council issued a new statement, calling for the return of the Syrian regime’s curricula to the areas of Rojava “western Kurdistan” on the pretext that this curriculum belongs to the state and not to the regime, they said.

Remarkably, a number of pro-Kurdish media displayed pictures of children of the age of roses to pass their policies in the areas of Rojava “western Kurdistan”, and carried them with cartoon banners, refusing to learn in the mother language “Kurdish” and the return of the Syrian regime’s curricula.

Some of these banners were written on inflammatory slogans against self-administration and Kurdish curricula in Rojava, such as “I want to go to my school”, “Tyranny and ignorance kill us” and other slogans whose bearers do not know what they mean.

The sharp rhetoric against the Kurdish curriculum in Rojava has been escalating for some time by the Kurdish Council and its parties, stressing their demand for the return of the Syrian regime’s platform.

It is worth mentioning that the partners of the Kurdish Council, which is considered by the Syrian coalition, the role played by the latter in the areas of “Afrin, Cry Spie and Sri Kani”, by consolidating the process of Titrik, imposing the Turkish language and teaching its curricula there, and attacking the self-management curriculum in harmony with their partners and supporters of the Turkish regime.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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