The Council of Democratic Syria addresses the Arab peoples and delivers an important speech to the meeting of the Council of the Arab League

Navin Resho –

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) addressed an open letter to a ministerial-level meeting of the Arab League council on Monday, in which it discussed Turkish state interventions in the affairs of Arab and neighboring countries.

“In October 2019, when the Turkish state launched its aggression on Syrian territory, your esteemed Council considered that “Turkish aggression is a direct threat to Arab national security and international security and peace,” and that this aggression and its repercussions have been and continue to be “The latest episode of Turkish interventions and repeated and unacceptable attacks on the sovereignty of member states of the Arab League, as confirmed by the resolution, confirmed that every Syrian effort to counter this aggression and defend Syrian territory is “an application of the inherent right of legitimate Self-Defence in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations”. To date, the Turkish occupying Power continues its aggression against Syrian territory and sovereignty, escalating the approach of extermination and insisting on targeting civilians, to impose demographic changes in Syria through the use of force, and this undoubtedly constitutes a violation of international law.

The letter stressed that the Arab resolution was appropriate in its position against Turkish interventions. And other areas within its full plan aimed at the security and stability of the region.

However, the Turkish side has exploited the reservations of some Member States, among other things, on this resolution to continue its aggression under flimsy pretexts and justifications, as it is doing today by exploiting the visits of its senior officials, such as the” “Minister of Defence” to some Arab countries, to continue the crimes of its aggression against Syria and other regions as part of its complete plan aimed at the security and stability of the region.”

The letter sent by the self-administration to the League of Arab States noted that “these attacks, which come at a time when the Turkish occupation continues and is committed by committing the most egregious violations in Afrin and other areas where it is present, is a consistently clear declaration of the designs of extermination and occupation, especially by targeting innocent civilians, especially in light of the continuing pandemic that threatens the whole world.”

The letter stressed that they in the Syrian Democratic Council condemn in the strongest terms the approach of genocide of the Turkish state against civilians in Syria and elsewhere. Maintaining the unity and integrity of Syrian territory, reaffirming its honorable decisions, and taking the necessary swift action to stop the Turkish escalation and to reduce these Turkish practices, which only complicate matters and only complicate the crisis situation in Syria and drag things towards the chaos on which Turkish interventions in our Syrian country and the region feed through and support the sponsorship, recruitment, training and transfer of terrorist and extremist groups and organizations, mercenaries and foreign terrorist fighters, which requires Arab and international action to counter these malicious activities.

“While we reiterate that the resolution of the Syrian crisis will only be in accordance with its political course, which is guaranteed in the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, foremost of which is the Geneva Declaration 2021 and UN Resolution 2254, we affirm that a restructuring commits the negotiating body in both the opposition and the Delegation of the Syrian Government, the first to appear to include the Syrian national opposition forces, which are influenced, first of all by the Syrian Democratic Council, and that those representing the Syrian government delegation should be empowered and not only supported by them.” In order to make it appear that the negotiating delegation is moving within the context of the political process as a result of the political transition and transition with full executive powers.”

The letter pointed to the danger of the return of ISIS and its resurgence and its close association with the Turkish state and its interventions in Syria, and we also warn of the danger of the resurgence of ISIS and the related link with the escalation of Turkish occupation practices, especially taking place in the areas of Ain Issa, Rif Darbasiya, Derek and all areas of northern Syria and eastern Euphrates.

We also affirm that the terrorist organization ISIS is organizing itself, taking advantage of the international silence on the crimes of the Turkish State against the Syrian people. The role of the” SDF” in defeating the terrorist organization, cleansing Syrian territory and protecting all Syrian components and Syria’s sovereignty in the places where The “SDF” forces are located, we recall that the step taken by the Arab international coalition led by the United States of America against terrorism has yielded impressive results in a dramatic blow to terrorism from the sixth anniversary of the liberation of Kobane. It is the fourth year since the liberation of Syria’s Raqqa, which is the capital of its so-called state, and the second to end ISIS” geographically and on the ground.

Despite all this, the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria faces real challenges that must be resolved and not leave its responsibility to the self-administration, which is part of the Syrian general administrative system, strengthening the unity and territorial sovereignty of the country. In the establishment of a court of terrorism east of the Syrian Euphrates.”

“We also note the dangers of Turkey’s practices in thwarting the Kurdish dialogue as part of the Syrian-Syrian national sovereign dialogue, and we also ask the Arab League’s support for this dialogue, the results of which will be positive at the Syrian national level,” the “SDF” said in its letter.

The message ended with a call for stability and security for all the region, “In conclusion, we hope that your meeting will be successful and successful, and that it will conclude with resolutions that will enhance security and stability throughout the region and the world.”

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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