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After meeting the U.S. delegation “Sma Bekdash” and through “Xeber24” talk about the conditions of the Kurdish dialogue

Kajin Ahmed –

PYD’s spokesperson and member of the Kurdish National Unity Party (PYNK) negotiating delegation in the Kurdish dialogue, ‘Sama Bekdash”, confirmed their readiness at any moment to resume the Kurdish dialogue sessions.

“Bekdash” said in a special statement to “Xeber 24” on Saturday: That they, as the Kurdish national unity parties, were in the earlier stages always seeking to reach positive results for the success of the dialogue, always flexible in the sessions of the Kurdish dialogue, in order to make it work and reach positive results.

The Kurdish politician added that they are ready to go through a new round of kurdish dialogue sessions, and complete the discussions from the break point, noting that the start of this round is nearing the start of this tour.
“Bekdash” said they met with the delegation of the new U.S. mission and one of the sponsors of the Kurdish dialogue, referring to the U.S. position in support of the Kurdish dialogue and the creation of rapprochement between Kurdish parties in Syria.

The Kurdish politician concluded by stressing their readiness at any moment to start the dialogue, stressing that a positive atmosphere is on the horizon.

At the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the “SDF”, General” Mazlum Abdi”, rounds of dialogues of the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement and American mediation, between the delegations of the Kurdish National Council ENKS and the delegation of the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK).

Translation by : khoshbin sheikho.

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