After Erdogan’s threats.. hundreds of families in Shengal demand return to camps and Kurdistan region suspends

Kajin Ahmed –

Hundreds of Yazidi families in Shangal, which have recently returned to their areas, have applied to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to return to camps for displaced persons in Dohuk province, following Erdogan’s recent threats of a military operation against the region.

A source familiar with the area told The” Xeber24″ that, hundreds of families have applied to the Department of Immigration and Displaced Persons in Dohuk to return to the displacement camps in the province.

The source pointed out, that the reason for these requests is the fear of the people of a possible Turkish attack against Shengal, especially after Erdogan’s threats on Friday, January 22, in addition to the complexities of the situation in the region, due to the recent agreement between the governments of Holler and Baghdad where there is no confidence in the security if the agreement is implemented. For her part, media activist” Saz Kirkuki” told” Xeber24″ that not only the people of Shengal have applied for return to the displaced camps in Dohuk province, but dozens of Mosul families have also made similar requests.

“Kirkuki” said the region has begun to witness systematic operations by “ISIS” terrorist elements, which began to gradually escalate after Erdogan’s recent remarks.

The media activist noted that there are links between this latest escalation by the terrorist organization ISIS and Erdogan’s threats, stressing that this creates for Turkey the arguments for military intervention in Mosul under the pretext of protecting it from terrorism. “The number of requests received has reached more than 200,” according to statistics released by the Iraqi Immigration and Displaced Persons Department/Dohuk branch, following Erdogan’s remarks.

“More than 200 families from Sinjar have requested to return because of the unstable security situation in Sinjar,” said” Karwan Zaki”, director of information for the Regional Government’s Joint Crisis Coordination Centre, in a private statement to local agencies. We haven’t decided anything about them yet, but there are meetings and consultations on this issue. With the organizations and with the stakeholders as well.”

Erdogan said after Friday prayers, on 22/01/2021, in press statements that they were and are still ready to carry out joint operations with Baghdad, adding in response to reporters’ questions about the possibility of a Turkish military operation in Mosul, “I have a saying that we may come by surprise one night, that’s all.”

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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