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General “Mazlum Abdi” in an interview reveals the truth of relations with the PKK and the latest developments in the Kurdish dialogue

Selava Omar –

We have come a long way in the dialogue that we have launched, the most important issue we have achieved in the past period, restoring confidence between the two parties, and we have completed the political reference memorandum, which is the basis of any subsequent agreement, and other contentious issues remain, which will be agreed upon in the next rounds of dialogue, which will begin soon,” said” General Mazlum Abdi”, commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces( SDF).

“Our doors are open to all forces that believe in the SDF charter and its objectives and adhere to its internal system, and have no objectives that are contrary to the principles of brotherhood and coexistence, and defend our regions against all forces that seek to undermine them,” Abdi said in response to a question about whether “SDF” is ready to meet the military demands and other forces join them.

On the relationship with the PKK and their position on it, Abdi explained: “The PKK is a brother Kurdish party, and we have relations with it as it is with the Kurdish parties in the Southern Kurdistan Region, and we do not follow it organizationally, and we in the SDF are independent in our decisions and we have a clear strategy to work on in Syria, which is our only area of work, but we embrace the idea of the democratic nation put forward by Mr. “Ocalan.”

“Our forces have not imposed a blockade and the movement between our regions and those in which the regime forces are present has never stopped, while regime forces are imposing a blockade,” Abdi said. Unjust and unjustified on the areas of “Al-Shehaba”, where the displaced people of Afrin are present, as well as on the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsood and” Ashrafieh” in “”, where it is forbidden to introduce food, fuel, materials and medical supplies, and its barriers scattered there in order to tighten the stranglehold on the people and reduce their movement, “This happened after their bets on the fall of Ain Issa failed,” he said.

He pointed out that the reason for the exclusionary mentality of the regime that seeks to return the country to before 2011, the provocations and tensions it creates in Hasakeh and Qamishli and his attempt to create an “Arab-Kurdish” strife, is only to put pressure on “self-management” and turn back the clock.

For our part, we are trying to calm things down and not get caught up in the sedition that the regime is trying to fuel, and we are trying to open a serious dialogue on crucial issues, and we are not pushing things towards escalation,” the general added.

The general addressed the issue of dialogue with Damascus, referring to “the cessation of dialogue as a result of the regime’s intransigent mentality, and added that a few days ago a delegation from the Council of Democratic Syria in Damascus, but returned empty-handed, because the regime rejects all solutions and initiatives that will reach a solution to the Syrian crisis in political ways, and our conviction that this intransigence will not work.”

“Military understandings are subject to understandings with the Russian side as a guarantor, but they have not developed into expanded agreements, given that the regime has evaded its obligations and has not accepted any concessions that contribute to instilling trust between us, paving the way for a transition from military understandings to a serious national political dialogue,” said The Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General “Mazlum Abdi”, ” We are certain that any military understanding, if not accompanied by a political understanding, may not last long, which we never wish for.”

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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