U.S. Military Patrol In Hasakeh Coincides With Tension Between “Asayish” And Syrian Government Forces

Hussam Al- Din Ali – Xeber24.Net

U.S. Forces Conducted A Military Patrol In A Neighborhood Of Al-Hasakah, Accompanied By A Military Helicopter To Secure The Patrol.

A Correspondent For “Xeber 24″, From The City On Sunday, And In The Early Hours Of The Morning, That U.S. Forces Conducted A Military Patrol In The Southern Neighborhoods, Especially The Neighborhood Of Goayran Near Some Military Points Where Syrian Regime Forces Are Stationed, From The City Off”Al- Hasaka”.

Our Correspondent Explained That The U.S. Patrol Accompanied The Flight Of Helicopters Of The International Coalition Over The City.

This Patrol Followed The Events In The City On Sunday, In Which Armed Groups Loyal To The Syrian Regime, Called “National Defense” Attacked A Security Checkpoint For The Forces Of Asaysh, During A Protest Called By The Syrian Regime To Lift The Siege On The Security Squares Of Hasakeh And Qamishlo.

U.S. Forces Are Conducting Regular Patrols In The Region As Part Of Their Movements In The Region, As Part Of U.S. Steps To Support The Best Ally To Fight Isis, And To Secure The Region From Possible Terrorist Attacks And Those Who Are Trying To Tamper With The Security Of The Region.

It Should Be Noted That The Region Is Experiencing A Critical Tension As A Result Of A Siege Imposed By The Sdf On Syrian Government Forces In The Security Squares In Al-Hasakeh And Qamishlo, After The Failure Of Russian Mediation To Resolve The Differences.

Translated By : Khoshben Sheikho.

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