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Official source: In the coming days we will bleed good news for the Kurds of Syria

Kajin Ahmed –

The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria, “Saleh Gedo”, confirmed that in the coming days we will bleed good news for our Kurdish people in Rojava, stressing their determination to succeed the Kurdish dialogue.

“In the next few days, kurdish dialogue sessions will begin between the two negotiating parties,” Gedo said in a special statement to “Xeber24”, stressing that the prevailing atmosphere is positive.

The Kurdish leader added that the two sides are determined to make the Kurdish dialogue a success, and that the clashes that have taken place in the past days will not affect the efforts of both sides.

Talal Mohammed, the joint chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party (KDP), said they are ready to take part in the new phase of the Kurdish dialogue, expressing optimism about the good news for the Kurdish people in Rojava, with the arrival of Nowruz holidays.

Mohammed explained that although the meeting has not been held for nearly three months and there are some small obstacles, the two sides of the dialogue are aware and larger than such things, noting that the sponsors of the dialogue “The Americans and SDF” are determined to move forward in this way and overcome all the consequences.

For his part, an official source from the leadership of the Kurdish Council “ENKS” in a statement to “Xeber24”, that the leaders of the Kurdish Council are determined to succeed the initiative of General “Mazlum Abdi”, and noted the support of the leadership of the Kurdistan Region for this step.

The official, who declined to be named, noted that he believed that the leadership of the Kurdish Council would meet with General Mazlum Abdi before the start of the dialogue session, in order to express their reproach for the recent events of the arrest of some teachers in Derbassiya, as well as what was issued by the leaders of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) against peshmerga Rouge.

“Despite these recent events, we are very optimistic that the dialogue sessions will be completed and successful,” the official source at ENKS said.

Translated by : khoshben sheikho.

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