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“Jia Kurd” warns the Syrian regime and sends a strong message to him through “Xeber24″”

Kajin Ahmed –

We are always trying to solve all our problems through dialogue and diplomatic methods, and if there are any parties that turn to hit the gains of our people, they will meet violent resistance from us, said “Badran Jia Kurd,” vice-president of the joint presidency of the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria.

“Jia Kurd” explained in a special statement to “Xeber24” Saturday, that the Syrian regime and for some time promoted that the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” is an American agenda and a separatist agenda, works what America dictates, and claims that America gave instructions to SDF to take the Syrian regime out of the eastern Euphrates, blockade and put pressure on it, and it also links the recent security situation with American instructions, to divert attention from the real problem and hide it.

And The Kurdish leader pointed out that the real problem is the policy pursued by the Syrian regime in the areas of Al-Shehaba and Aleppo, and the arrests it makes, as well as its practices within Arab tribes, and tries to disguise all these things with allegations that SDF and American instructions and the situation in the territory of Al- Jazeera, to incite the Arab street against “SDF” and this is his goal of these allegations.

“Jia Kurd” stressed that the Syrian regime, with this mentality and its adoption of such policies, is trying to create incitement in its surroundings against the Kurds and self-management, and its goal is to create congestion and strife, ignite problems among the components of the region, and bring it to the stage of non-coexistence.

He noted that the Syrian regime sees no problem in its policy of confronting the reality of living, which has brought the Syrian situation to what it is today, and is trying to face its problems in our regions in the same way that it has adopted in other Syrian areas, so that it can continue its policy of repression and authoritarianism.

The Kurdish leader said: We have been fighting politically for years to solve the political problem in the country, and we are trying to solve our problems with the Syrian regime through dialogue and diplomacy, but he has deafened his ear to our call, and approached it with the conspiracy theory, and claimed that the project of self-management of the north and east of Syria is a separatist project. An alien foreign project, and it is still promoted in this.

He stressed that this promotion and policy pursued by the Syrian regime will not dissuade us from our primary goal of resolving the Syrian crisis within its territorial integrity, and we will not retreat from our political struggle to solve all problems.

If there are some actors who seek to strike our gains and values, seek to exterminate our people and create problems and unrest in our regions, they will throw great resistance from us to preserve the gains and security of the region,” jia Kurd” said.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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