Maruto confirms the killing of Al-Baghdadi’s successor in Iraq

Pergin Hassoun –

Colonel “Wayne Maruto”, the leader of the international coalition’s operation “Solid Resolve” against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, confirmed the death of the group’s leader in Iraq, Abu Yasser al-Issawi.

ISIS leader in Iraq, Abu Yasser, was killed in an air strike near Kirkuk on January 27th,” Maruto tweeted, noting that “the joint operation of Iraqi forces and the international coalition has killed 10 ISIS terrorists.”

“Abu Yasser’s death is another major blow to ISIS’s efforts to return to Iraq.

“Maruto” said the coalition will continue its work to remove key leaders from the battlefield and undermine the terrorist organization.

On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister” Mustafa al-Kadhimi”, announced the elimination of the “deputy caliph and governor of Iraq” in ISIS.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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