The Council of Justice in the Self-Administration of North and East Syria issues a new package of resolutions

Navin Rasho –

The Justice Council of the Democratic Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria issued Resolution 6, which contains a number of new resolutions on the subject of property rights and real estate.

The decision reads: “The right to property would not have been protected, particularly the right to property, and there was a presumed fear of a provision in the princely real estate or outside the regulatory scheme of cities and municipalities.

In order to preserve the rights of citizens, and to prevent any future conflicts and to preserve the public interest, the Council of Justice for Northern and Eastern Syria has decided:

1-All justice books in northern and eastern Syria should not hear any real estate claims (claims relating to the origin of the right) for princely real estate, i.e. real estate located outside the regulatory scheme.

2- Justice advocates may not broadcast claims relating to original rights and dismiss all claims relating to those rights at any stage of the claim, namely, property rights, disposal, superficiality and exclusive use, including the documentation and stabilization of sales contracts.

3- It is not permissible for all justice officials to consider claims relating to real estate (claims relating to the origin of the right) that have already been adjudicated by a judicial decision, regardless of who issued it: court decisions, judicial decisions, title deeds.

4 – For the quiet, public and ongoing possession claims that prevailed before 2012, it remained the same.

5- With regard to other acquisition claims relating to state property properties, we do not hear these claims until they have obtained permission or a lease from the competent administrative authority in relation to properties outside the regulatory schemes or the municipalities and the competent local and municipal administration for real estate within the regulatory schemes.
All previous decisions and circulars in this regard shall be repealed.

And any violation of the provisions of this resolution requires legal accountability and all social justice councils must monitor its proper application and take appropriate action in the event of its violation.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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