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“Xeber24” reveals the first initiative to launch open heart surgery in Qamshlo and its details

Kajin Ahmed –

The idea of opening the department of open heart surgery in the eye and heart hospital in the city of Qamishlo in the north and east of Syria, was launched by one of the medical staff at the hospital, and then insisted on the medical team to complete this project.

The deputy director general of medical affairs at the Heart and Eye Hospital, “Inan Khalil”, the author of the idea, explained to “News24”, after the opening of the hospital two years ago with the specialists of the heart and eye, we started the cardiac catheterization in the heart department, but in all the countries of the world when there is a heart catheter, it is very necessary to have heart surgery as well.

He pointed out, that the security conditions and the conditions of the country of siege, did not help us to secure tools and devices, for more than a year, as most of the devices are not available in Syria, and took with us a great time to equip, but in the end we were able to secure all the necessary devices for the surgery of the open heart.

The technical specialist explained that at the time of the start of the operation of open heart surgery, we equipped a team consisting of ten technicians from the sons of Qamshlo, from our members in the hospital and sent them to the city of Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region, for training in the center heart in “Sulaimaniyah”, they lasted for nearly two months, and in various departments and specialties, department of anesthesia department of the heart lung system, the department of heart surgery, and the physical department.

“Unfortunately, we were unable to follow up the training there, because of the Turkish attack on Sri Kani, so we had to cut the course and go back to Rog Ava and join the fronts medically,” he said.

He added that after the calm and the end of the Turkish attack, we completed the course here, and we qualified the team well, we worked on coordinating with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and we were able to bring in a medical staff consisting of surgeons, technicians, anesthetists and cardiologists.

The hospital was ready to start the first operation with the arrival of the team, and we started the first operation, which was a dream for us in Rojava, stressing that the largest hospitals in Syria do not perform heart surgery a week only once due to the lack of necessary medical supplies.

“Khalil” said that the first operation was a very successful operation conducted by surgeon Salam Hassan and I was an assistant surgeon with him, and the second operation was performed on the second day, and the third operation was excellent, and the third operation was entered at night in the hospital as an ambulance, and conducted by Dr. Hassan, the fourth operation, conducted by Dr. Shorsh of the sons of Roj Ava of Qamishlo, and I was with him and the operation was successful and we all got sick.

“Khalil” stressed, we hope to continue and not stop, and we will work on this, and now we will take a break, to complete some technical matters, and our medical team is almost ready, and we will launch in a short time, stressing that the reliance in the upcoming operations will be on the sons of Roj Ava.

The medical specialist pointed out that the medical staff joined together to complete this section in our hospital, after receiving several cases needing heart surgery, and they have to travel either to Damascus or the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and some of them were losing their lives on the road, which led to increased determination we have.

Finally, we hope to continue our work because there are dozens of patients waiting for us to continue, and there are too many cases that lose their lives because they do not have the value of such operations.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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