“Maruto” blessed the liberation of Kobane: Congratulations to the Kurds who have now become a model for a capable and trustworthy partner

Selava Omar –

The spokesman for the international coalition against ISIS, “Wayne Maruto”, congratulated the Kurdish people on the anniversary of the liberation of Kobane from the terrorist organization.

Colonel Wayne Maruto, said in two tweets, in Kurdish and English, which he posted on Twitter.”Today marks the liberation of Kobane, on this day on January 26, 2015, Kurdish fighters and the air support of the international coalition forces liberated the city of Kobane from ISIS, and this liberation has been demonstrated that ISIS was not invincible, as they were prevented from achieving their strategic objective,”.

He added “Congratulations to the Kurds, who today have become a model for a capable and trustworthy partner,”.

Translated by : Khoshbin sheikho.

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