Kurdish family in Greece says they are threatened with mass murder and appeals to the international community through “Xeber24” to consider their situation

Kajin Ahmed –

The Turkish military offensive with the Syrian radical factions under the banner of the Syrian coalition formed the partners of the Kurdish Council on “Sri Kanieh and Kri Spey” a mass exodus of its inhabitants, including those who remained inside the cities of Roj Ava “Qamishlo, Hassakeh and Tal Tamer”, and some of them went out to take refuge outside the borders of Rog Ava.

Among the families displaced outside the borders of Rojava are a Kurdish family of seven, mother, father and five children, and residents of the city of Sri Kania near the School of Abdul Rahman Al-Ghafaqi”.”

“During the Turkish attack on the city, my family and I came out of our house in The City of “Sri Kaniya”, next to the School of Abdul Rahman al-Ghafqi, during the Turkish attack on the city, towards the city of Qamishlo,” mother “Kafaa Ali Omar” told “Xeber24”.

The mother went on to say that they had left “Qamishlo” towards Turkey via smuggling routes, and only stayed in Izmir for a month and eight days, until they were able to find a safe way to reach Greece.

For a year, they had been in refugee camps on a Greek island, and three months earlier they had been taken out of those camps to homes in the capital, Athens. The mother explained that ten days ago, they received a response from the Greek court through a closed envelope to their asylum request, adding that the rejection request stated that Turkey was safe for them, and that they should return to Turkey..

Ms. Omar noted that during the short period of their presence in Izmir, they were avoiding leaving their place, fearing for themselves, stressing that if they were caught by the Turkish authorities, they would not be spared.

She added that a number of her brothers joined to defend their city with the SDF, and during the clashes a sister was martyred, while the fate of two of her husband’s sisters who participated in the defense of their city is still unknown from the days of the first clashes.

Ms. “Kafaa” also pointed out that her six-year-old son had lost his word because of the sounds of cannons and the roar of aviation, which had taken part in the operation of the Secret Kanye occupation, and that they had operated on the child in Athens in an attempt to re-pronounce him.

The mother noted that their session next Tuesday, noting that she mentioned in a memorandum of defense prepared by their lawyers to the Greek court, about the conditions of their house, which was seized by the factions and turned them into a military headquarters for them, on the pretext that the family is affiliated with the Syrian democratic forces, and also that returning to Turkey means death for the whole family.

If the Greek court insists on returning us to Turkey, the family will be sentenced to death “Kafaa Ali Omar” told “Xeber24”.

She appealed to all human rights organizations and the international community and the international community, humanitarian and human rights organizations, and the Council of European States to consider their situation, saying: I appeal through your website, “Xeber24”, to all human rights organizations and the international community, given our situation and challenging the decision of the Greek court, because our return to Turkey is unsafe and means the destruction of the whole family.

It is worth mentioning that the family consists of mother Qualified Ali Omar and father Khalaf Ali Ramadan, three daughters and two boys, the eldest of the children “Girl” 11 years old, the second girl is ten years old, the boy is six years old, and twins are three years old.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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