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Workshops repair the hole from which oil leaked in the ” Terre Speyh” Ground” in Al- Hasakeh countryside

Navin Rasho –

Residents of the villages adjacent to the “Jarrah” river, located northeast of the city of” Terre Spey”, reported the oil spill to the river and immediately after receiving the communication, the concerned authorities quickly solved the problem of the hole that appeared in one of the oil pipelines in the area.

A hole in an oil pipeline caused oil to leak into the Jarrah River in the northeast of Trebesbeh district and in large quantities from the village of Kil Hasnat towards the villages of Utlejah and Al-Rash amid fears that it would reach the Mazkft dam.

The workshops in the city of “Terre Speyh” were quick to solve the problem and clean the river by burning the oil leaking into it, and repairing the hole that occurred in one of the oil pipelines before it reached the Dam of” Mazkft”, before leading to an environmental disaster.

Officials of the Local Administration and Environment Authority, oil pipeline workers and administrators in the municipality of “Terres Speya” declined to make any statement on the matter.

Translated by : khoshben sheikho.

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