Just two days after his inauguration.. the first major lawsuit challenging Biden’s policy

Navin Resho – – Agencies

The state of Texas on Friday filed a lawsuit against the administration of President Joe Biden over a memorandum freezing the deportations of illegal aliens.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary David Bekosk issued a January 20 memorandum “an immediate temporary stay order for the deportation of any non-citizen at risk of deportation (except as mentioned below) for 100 days.” Exceptions to the order include illegal aliens who have participated, or are suspected, of participating in terrorism or espionage.

“The Biden administration repealed immigration laws enacted by Congress on the first day of office and suspended the deportation of illegal aliens who were to be deported under those same laws,” the Federal District Court of Texas said in a statement. In doing so, it ignored basic constitutional principles and violated its pledge to cooperate with the state of Texas to address immigration enforcement concerns.”

“This unlawful invalidation will immediately and irreparably harm the state of Texas, if the law is not enforced,” the court said, according to the transcript of the lawsuit.

And this is the first major lawsuit challenging the policies of new U.S. President Joe Biden, just two days after his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States, a possible reference to what will come from other Republican-led states.

Translated by : khoshben sheikho.

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