The first official Kurdish message to the new U.S. president and this is what it says?

Kajin Ahmed –

A group of organizations and civil society organizations sent a letter to the new U.S. President Joe Biden, who marked the day of his constitutional swearing-in ceremony with the third anniversary of the Turkish attack on Afrin, calling on Biden to end the Turkish occupation of The Syrian territories, particularly Afrin, Cree Spey and Sri Kani.

“To the distinguished President of the United States of America, Mr.” Joe Biden”, today marks the third anniversary of the beginning of the Turkish aggression against the Kurdish city of “Afrin” in northwestern “Syria”, where Turkey began its war on the safe Kurdish city on this day, with the help of Syrian extremist factions called the Syrian National Army,” the letter said.

The letter confirmed that over the past three years, civil society organizations and institutions operating in various Syrian cities and regions have monitored thousands of violations by the occupying military forces against the civilian population.

She also pointed to the issuance of numerous human rights reports by international organizations that also documented the crimes of the Turkish army and the so-called “Syrian National Army” in the city of Afrin.

The signatories of the letter called on President” Biden” to support the oppressed and vulnerable Syrian civilians who are caught up in the fire of civil war, and to continue to press the Syrian regime in” Damascus” to accept a political solution to the crisis in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254 in order to build a new, democratic, federal Syria free from terrorism and tyranny for all its children in all national, religious and political backgrounds.

The letter stressed the need to end Turkey’s occupation of the occupied Kurdish areas such as Afrin,” Sri Kanih/Ras al-Ain” and” Kri Spey/Tal Abyad”, so that its displaced and displaced people can return to their homes and homes, and that their children enjoy freedom and peace for the rest of the peoples, as part of the return of the Kurds, who have provided thousands of their sons and daughters martyrs in the fight against terrorism and its eradication on behalf of the free world.

Signatory institutions and organization:

Ezidina Foundation

Kurdish lrgal authority

Justice Centre for Human Rights

Violations Documentation Centre in Northern Syria

Aso news etwork

Network of Syrian Kurdish Journalists

Lekolin Center for Legal Studies and Research

Kurdish Society of Stuttgart

German Kurdish Forum

The Human Rights Committee of the Syrian Yazidis

Translated by : khoshben sheikho.

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