U.S.A Justice Department clears “Trump” supporters of Capitol break-in charge

Navin Rasho –

U.S.A Justice Department investigators have denied that supporters of President Donald Trump planned to kill congressional deputies during a break-in at the Capitol.

At an Arizona court hearing on the arrest of conspiracy theorist” Jacob Chanceley” and a follower of the far-right movement Q-Anon, federal prosecutors retracted earlier accusations that Trump supporters were planning to “detain and kill elected officials” in the January 6 attack in Washington.

At an earlier court hearing, prosecutors had spoken about the murder plan, demanding the continued arrest of” Jacob Chanceley”, 33, who was known around the world for his naked chest, tribal uniform and two horns during the riots.

Arizona prosecutors withdrew the charges Friday, after the U.S. Department of Justice said that despite calls during the attack to arrest some elected officials and the killing of Vice President Mike Pence, no evidence of such a plan was found.

“There is no direct evidence at this stage of a family and assassination squad,” said Washington District Attorney Michael Sherwin, who is overseeing the investigation into the congressional attack.

In recent days, Washington, D.C., authorities have transformed a security zone, erected concrete barriers and barbed wire in the area around The Capitol.

Translated by: khoshben sheikho.

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