Pelosi calls for prosecution of any lawmaker found to be involved in Capitol events

Khoshbin sheikho –

“Nancy Pelosi”, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said any lawmaker who helped Supporters of President Donald Trump to storm the Capitol should be prosecuted.

“If members of Congress are found to have participated in this armed rebellion, or helped and incited crimes, action will have to be taken outside Congress to prosecute,” Pelosi told reporters Friday.

This came after Democratic Rep ” Mickey Cheryl” accused some Republican lawmakers of helping Trump supporters, saying she had seen some of her colleagues conduct “exploratory” tours inside the building with groups on January 5.”

Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Maliki confirmed that police were investigating whether members of Congress had led people on a tour through the Capitol building on the eve of the attack.

And the unprecedented January 6 attack on Congress killed five people, prompting the House to hold Trump accountable, and for the second time, his spirited speech that day, when he urged thousands of his supporters to counter Democrat” Joe Biden’s “victory in the presidential election.

Hundreds of people who broke into the building overcame the police, raising questions about how to secure it and how some rioters knew about the location of the deputies’ offices.

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