The Executive Council in the Autonomous Administration unveils plans and projects in 2021

Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

“Abdul Hamed al-Mahbash”, co-chairman of the Executive Council of the Executive Board of the North and East Syria Self-Administration, assessed the work done by the administration over the past years, revealing the most important projects and plans in the coming year.

The Office of Self-Management Information conducted with Mr”. Abdul Hamid Al-Mahbash”, Joint Chairman of the Executive Board of The Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, on the outcome of the administration’s achievements in 2020 and the most important development plans, projects and laws to be carried out by self-management in 2021.

“We in self-management are working to make the management system strong and strong and to be a lean device through which we can provide services in the best way and as quickly as possible, and we are currently restructuring this device in an integrated way to make self-management a successful management,” he said.

He added, “The administrative body in self-management includes many employees and employees except members of the SDF and exceeds 120 thousand, and in order to be able to provide what these workers need in light of the current economic crisis, we have increased the salaries of workers twice in a row during this year, and we faced criticism in this matter that we only care about workers, this is reaping the self-management, and I assure that we look with eyes and not one, and we are keen to facilitate the lives of the people and provide services and secure all the basic goods and the least needed in the region. Prices that self-management can offer.”

“Self-administration in northern and eastern Syria is adopting the principle of decentralization of administration, which embodies democracy, so that the people can contribute to managing themselves and making decisions,” al-Mahbash said.

On corruption in self-management institutions, Al-Mahbash said: “Corruption is not limited to self-administration and Syria, but exists in all departments and administrative institutions in the world, and corruption has types of corruption, administration and financial corruption, and we as an emerging and modern administration, we adopted at the beginning of this year “2021” to purify the administrative apparatus and govern it, to narrow the appropriate environment for the growth of corruption.”

“We will issue a lot of decisions, laws, controls, procedures and administrative orders, in order to narrow the environment of corruption and fight corruption and corruption in this administrative body,” he said.

“A sound and pure administrative body that can provide services to citizens according to needs and priorities requires putting the right man in the right place on the basis of his competence, scientific qualification and experience,” he said.

Al-Mahbash explained that they organized with the Council of Democratic Syria “Masd” many meetings in which many segments of society, experienced, competent and technocrats participated, and requires us at this stage to provide this administrative body with competent people and technocrats to develop it, in order to reflect positively on the lives of citizens.

Al-Mahbash pointed out that the bodies of the Executive Council in the self-management of northern and eastern Syria, in the previous phase provided a lot of emergency services for citizens, without relying on the planning policy, especially the local administration and the environment, and stressed that in the next stage it is the duty of self-management to rebuild the service systems that have been looted and stolen, to provide the best services and in the best way for citizens.

He stressed that, going back to the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey had a major role in the destruction of Syria, occupied its people under various headings, and now uses Syrian refugees in Turkey as a poisoned dagger to reoccupy Syrian areas.

He pointed out, that “Turkey has occupied many areas in Syria “Cree Spey and Sri Kanye, Afrin, Azaz, Idlib and others” and has an ambition to expand this occupation and has the goal to occupy all areas of northern and eastern Syria, but the will to hold all areas of northern and eastern Syria, but the will to stand and defend the people of these components in this region, as well as the high sense of the Syrians in general and the people of northern and eastern Syria the magnitude of this ambition, and failed this broad plan pursued by Turkey, and what Turkish threats to The Eye of Issa only one of the attempts to apply these goals and objectives The SDF, made up of all the components of northern and eastern Syria, was able to thwart these expansionist plans.”

“Our ambition for next year is not only to thwart these plans, but to re-liberate these occupied areas, both east and west of the Euphrates,” he said.

This is the first time that the United States has been able to achieve the goal of a nuclear-free world.

Translated By : Khoshben Sheikho

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