UN recommends deployment of international truce monitoring team in “Sirte”

Khoshbin sheikho – Xeber24.net

Secretary-General” António Guterres” on” Tuesday”, recommended the deployment of international observers in” Libya” under the umbrella of the United Nations to monitor the October ceasefire agreement from a base in the strategic city of Sirte, the gateway to the country’s main oil fields, while Tunisia said, it hoped a UN resolution on Libya would be passed “as soon as possible.”

In an interim report to the Security Council on the proposed ceasefire monitoring arrangements, which have been circulated, the Secretary-General said that an advance team should be sent to the Libyan capital Tripoli as a first step in order to “provide the foundations for a UN ceasefire monitoring mechanism based in Sirte, in order to provide the basis for the UN to monitor the ceasefire in a expandable manner.”

And on Friday, the Libyan National Army rejected Guterres’ proposal to deploy international monitoring forces to support the Joint Military Commission’s agreement on a permanent ceasefire in the country, including retired civilians and military personnel from international bodies, such as the African Union, the European Union and the Arab League.

In an interview with The Middle East newspaper, he said the proposal is an unacceptable intervention in Libya.

And the October ceasefire agreement calls for the withdrawal of all armed forces from the lines of conflict, and the departure of all mercenaries and foreign fighters within three months.

“Guterres” did not provide much detail about the monitoring mechanism, but said that the Joint Military Commission, consisting of five representatives from the two rival sides, had “requested the deployment of unarmed and irregular international observers under the auspices of the United Nations.”

He added that they would work alongside joint monitoring teams from the” Tripoli” and eastern governments to “carry out specific surveillance missions.”

“The Libyan parties have also expressed their firm position not to deploy any foreign forces of any kind, including regular UN forces, on Libyan territory,” the Secretary-General said.

The United Nations aims to achieve an advanced presence as soon as the situation permits, and observer teams will initially be deployed in the area around the coastal city of Sirte and could be expanded.

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