Running a joint “Russian-Turkish” patrol in the countryside of Derbasiyah

Selava Omar –

This morning, the Russian Military Police, accompanied by Turkish forces, conducted their 38th patrol, west of Darbasiyah.

The joint “Russian-Turkish” patrol set off from the “Shirk” border crossing, west of Darbasiyah, 13 km away, and included 5 Russian and 4 Turkish armored vehicles, with Russian helicopters delaying the patrol’s coverage.

The patrol toured the villages of Ad-Darbasiyah sub-district of Al-Hasakah canton, which are: “Shirk, Malak, Delik, Alia, Dahar Al Arab, Kesra, and continued in the village of Qairwan, Taalak, Karkand, Atyishan, Quneitra, and Qarmaniyah.”

After that, the joint patrol returned to the “Shirk” crossing, and the occupation armored vehicles returned to Turkish territory, while the Russian armored vehicles headed to their base in Qamishlo.

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