SDF thwarted an infiltration attempt by the Turkish army and its loyalists to the countryside of Ain Issa

Navin Resho –

The Syrian Democratic Forces responded to an infiltration attempt by the Turkish army and the factions loyal to it to the village of “Maalak” in Ain Issa district, as well as attacks on the village of Al-Mushairfa.

And local sources reported that the Syrian armed factions, in cooperation with the Turkish forces, tried, at dawn today, to infiltrate the village of “Maalak”, but the Syrian Democratic Forces monitored this attempt and prevented them from advancing, and forced them to retreat.

The village of Al-Mushairefah and the vicinity of “Ain Issa” were also subjected to heavy artillery shelling.

It is noteworthy that Turkey and its loyalists have been targeting, for months, on a daily basis, various areas of northern and eastern Syria, especially “Ain Issa”, in an attempt to penetrate, but they met a shocking response from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Translated By: Selava Omar

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