Turkish Foreign Ministry makes important remarks on Eastern Mediterranean tensions

Hussam Aldein Ali –

Foreign Ministry spokesman “Hami Aksuy” made a statement on “NOTAM” published by Greece in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, war notices of training conducted by Greece in the eastern Mediterranean.

According to an official statement published on its official website by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Aksuy claimed that there was no change in Turkey’s attitude towards opening channels of dialogue, particularly exploratory talks with Greece, without preconditions.

Aksuy claimed continued Greek tensions and increasing provocatives in the region, oblivious to Turkey’s military provocations in the eastern Mediterranean.

Last week, Turkey sent the Turkish exploration vessel Aroch Reyes on a new expedition in the disputed waters of the eastern Mediterranean, and is conducting extensive naval exercises and exercises with international participation in territorial waters, undermining the good will it claims.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho

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