New York Times: Pentagon secretly discusses actions in case Trump imposes martial law”

Translated by: Khoshben sheikho –

The Pentagon is discussing what action it could take if President Donald Trump imposes martial law before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, us media reported.

The New York Times quoted defense sources as saying that the u.S. Armed Forces Command and military units stationed near Washington are a hidden conflict with current President Donald Trump’ scenario of what they would do if Trump decides to impose martial law before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

According to these sources, the discussions in secret are being held by the White House and Trump supporters in command of the U.S. armed forces, and plans are being made for appropriate steps in the event of an order to send regular troops to the capital and ensuring order for inauguration time and transition.

The Pentagon does not rule out that the current president will mobilize many of his supporters to block the transition of power to the next Biden administration.

A scenario that is practically unrealistic is also being hedged, assuming that Trump could use forces to seize the equipment for processing ballots and, in one way or another, try to get a review of the November election results.

The magazine’s sources are deeply concerned that the Ministry of Defence may be drawn into such a crisis, while quoting a retired general, saying that “the President currently has unprecedented emergency powers due to the Coronavirus, and this circumstance may convince him, especially if he listens to the opinion of some of his supporters, that he has unlimited power and above the law.

The retired general said that the U.S. president, the supreme commander of the country’s armed forces, has the right to declare martial law in exceptional circumstances, but the military will certainly not obey any orders that violate the law.

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