“SDF” fails the Turkish-Russian plan and imposes a new equation to the moment in The Eye

Berusk Hassan –

The SDF was able to thwart and block the Turkish-Russian plan, and impose a new equation in Ain Issa until the moment, despite all the attempts of the Russians to hand over the city to the Syrian regime, and open the way and silence in the face of the bombing of Turkish forces and their Syrian factions affiliated with the Syrian opposition coalition.

Although the main target was the villages of Al-Mashrefa and Jabel, east of The Town of Ain Issa, the SDF has been determined from the outset to preserve those villages and the town, and has put all the losses before their eyes to maintain those villages and thwart the plans of the Russians and Turkey and their agreements, which target the areas of influence of the SDF, which are also areas of American influence.

In a related context, Raqqa Military Council commander Ammar Akash indicated that they were in the village of Jahbel and that their resistance continued to counter any attack by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the area.

. For days, the villages of Al-Mashrefa and Jabel in the countryside of Ain Issa in the Euphrates region have been witnessing attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, while the fighters are confronting them, stressing that they will not allow the occupation of their lands.
ANHA reported from inside the village of Jahbel, 3 km east of the Ain Issa district, to meet with the commander of the Martyr’s Brigade, Ilan Kobane of the Raqqa Military Council, Ammar Akash”.

Akash noted that they did not attack anyone, but defended their land.

“Our morale is high, and our motto is (either victory or victory),” said leader Ammar Akash.

At the same time, the SDF is responding to attacks by ISIS cells in the Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor areas, with the help of an international coalition fighting ISIS terrorism.

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