Lightning and lava gather in one scene in Japan

Translated by: Khoshben sheikho –

In a strange scene, a number of residents of a Japanese village witnessed a strange and dazzling image at the same time above the nearby Sakurajima volcano, where lava appeared emerging from the crater mixing with a thunderstorm in a spectacular way.

One photographer was able to take a picture showing this great clash, which shows the fusion of the most powerful natural phenomena, Sputnik reported

And lightning struck seemed to come out of the crater, and scientists are still trying to find a reason for the accident, especially with the difficulty of studying volcanoes close to them.

One theory is that static electricity, caused by thunder colliding with rising smoke, causes enormous energy that could cause such a collision.

Others suggested that ice crystals could also be beneath high fly ash and water vapor, forming a physical reaction similar to how storms and real lightning occur.

And according to reports, no major damage or injuries were reported in areas close to the volcano and residents remained within the area, although earlier this year an area experienced a similar incident at the Philippine Tal volcano, forcing residents to evacuate the area.

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