Mckenzie arrives in northern Syria and news of Washington’s entry on the Line of Crisis of Ain Issa??

Prepared by : Berusk Hassan –

The crisis of clashes in the Syrian town of Ain Issa is escalating despite the Russian silence that accompanied the ongoing Turkish shelling of villages east of the city along the M4 motorway.

In conjunction with the explosions and mutual shelling, reports of the arrival of the commander of US forces in the Middle East Kenneth McKenzie to the north and east of Syria, according to information from Syrian activist.

“The commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, McKenzie, arrived in northern Syria with a surprise visit to The Qasd Command, after a visit to al-Tanf with a large number of soldiers,” said Syrian renegade Brigadier General Ahmed al-Rahal through his social media account.

“It appears that the United States of America has entered the Line of The Ain Issa crisis with information about U.S. pressure on Qaddab not to hand over the region to the regime or to Russia,” al-Rahal said.

Although Turkish forces and their Syrian opposition factions have been shelling the Syrian town of Ain for more than a month, the SDF has been actively defending the city, but The Traveller claimed that McKenzie’s arrival was to pressure Qasd not to hand it over to the Russians or the regime.
Two days ago, SDF spokesman Keno Kaperel announced that they had no intention of handing over the city to any party and that their forces would rule the city at all costs.
He denied that they had agreed or discussed with any party about handing over the city, whether to the regime or others.

Translated by : khoshben sheikho

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