Syria’s Kurds announce decision on Ain Issa, call on international community to stop Turkey’s ambitions

Prepared by: Selava Omar-

The Turkish state continues its attacks against the northern and eastern regions of Syria, and has so far carried out three operations under the pretext of fighting terrorism and protecting its national security.

In 2018, syrian opposition factions participated against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), the cities of Sri Kaniya and Krei sabi/Tel Abyad, in a consensual process with Russia and american inaction, and after which their original Kurdish population sought to be displaced from those areas.

Now once again Russia and Turkey are trying to repeat the same scenario in Ain Issa as well, after they succeeded in passing it in Afrin, where eastern Ghouta vs. Afrin and then political consensus between the two parties.
In response to the bombing and attempts, the Kurds announced their decision to stick to the decision of the resistance and protect their areas from Turkish harassment, where the Kurdish National Unity Party (PYNK) of the self-administration, called on the international community to take practical action to stop Erdogan’s ambitions in the north and east of Syria, stressing their belief in the will of the components of the region and the capabilities of its military forces to defend their area.
A statement issued by the Kurdish National Unity Parties on Monday said: “Since the end of November, the area of Ain Issa and its surroundings have been subjected to daily heavy shelling by the Turkish occupation army and its extremist factions, with heavy weapons, in another attempt to occupy new areas in northern Syria liberated from the terrorist organization ISIS..

“These attacks confirm turkey’s non-compliance with any ceasefire agreement, which raises questions about the fate of the understandings reached between Turkey and the United States on the one hand and Turkey and Russia on the other,” the statement added.

“This new Turkish breach is not the first of its kind, because Turkey has not originally adhered to the ceasefire agreement, because its attacks on the northeastern regions of Syria have not stopped since the ceasefire was declared, and this is an indication that Turkey and its mercenaries are not trusted parties when it comes to agreements and understandings,” he said.

“We know very well that Turkey’s goal of its aggressive operations and continuous attacks is no longer hidden, with the aim of occupying other areas in northern and eastern Syria, which requires urgent international action to deter and stop them,” the Kurdish parties said in a statement.

“This cannot be achieved through statements of condemnation and condemnation, but through the adoption of firm and firm positions that are effective and effective on the ground, especially in the face of the crimes of the Turkish occupation forces and their inhumane violations and practices in the areas they occupy, such as killings, displacement, arrest, demographic change and ethnic cleansing,” the statement said. And so on.”

“The international silence and irresponsibility of the Government of Damascus prompts Turkey to increase its barbarity and determination to move forward with its occupation project and its criminalization against the components of the region and its clear goal of bringing the terrorist organization of ISIS back to life and re-establishing its ranks,” the statement said.

“While condemning in the strongest terms the new Turkish attack on the town of Ain Issa and the surrounding villages, we renew our faith in the will of the components of northern and eastern Syria and the ability of its military forces, the SDF, to counter any aggression and in its legitimate defence,” the statement said.

“We also call on the international community to take practical action to put an end to Erdogan’s ambitions in the region in general and northern and eastern Syria in particular, and to stop the attacks and attacks of his forces and his mercenaries formed by various extremist organizations, particularly the terrorist organization (ISIS-Al-Nusra),” he said.

Translated by : khoshben sheikho

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