Running a joint “Russian-Turkish” patrol west of Kobani

Selava Omar –

The Russian Military Police began conducting a joint patrol with the Turkish forces, within the framework of the “Sochi” agreement, which the Turkia violated with its attacks on Ain Issa without Russia showing a position on it.

The conduct of the patrols comes, in implementation of the provisions of the Sochi Agreement signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more than a year ago. Which was considered one of the most prominent provisions of the agreement.

The agreement also stipulated the conduct of joint “Russian and Turkish” patrols in the border area. On the part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the terms of the agreement were implemented.

However, from the first day, the Turkish side continued to launch its attacks on the region, through bombing and ground attacks, and through drones, which resulted in dozens of casualties, both wounded and dead, over a period of more than a year.

In the face of the Turkish violations, Russia, which is the guarantor of the agreement, did not move to stop the Turkish violations, which was the focus of criticism and anger among the circles in the regions of North, East and Syria.

In Ain Issa, Turkey and the factions loyal to it are bombing the sub-district and its surroundings on an almost daily basis, and ground attacks have been launched since days in an attempt to advance and occupy new lands, but the Syrian Democratic Forces have responded to the attacks that have not yet resulted in anything new in terms of the map of territorial control.

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