Biden makes combating Global warming a key goal of his administration

Prepared and translated by: Khoshben Sheikho – Xeber 24. net

President-electe Joe Biden has introduced key members of his climate team, saying” he will make combating Global for his administration as part of its efforts to rebuild the U. S. economy affected by The Coved-19 Pandemic.

President-electe “Joe Biden” said yesterday (Saturday, December 19, 2020)that these people “will lead my administration’s ambitious plan to adress the existential threat of our time, climate change. ” “we are in crisis.. we also need to be a united nation to face Coved- 19, we need a unified national response to climate change.

Among the candidates, Biden president Saturday was Representative” Deb Halland”, who chose her to serve as secretary of the inrerior, if the Senate approves the Senate approves the designation, “Halland” will be the first Native American to Take over the inrerior portfolio, the ministry responsiple for the natural resources of federal lands such as national reserves.

Biden said” his administration will work to moderize water, transportation and energy infrastructure to make it better equipped to with stand extrme weather conditions, adding that, many jobs will be created.

Biden also said, he wants to build 500,000 electric car charging Station and 1.5,000million energy-efficient homest. He said his administration will created a quarter of a milion jobs” immediately by hiring people to close abandoned oil and gas wells that pose a health and Safety risk.

Biden reiterated that, he would return his country to the Paris climate agreement abandoned by president” Donald Trump”, and would rensstate a wide range of environmental laws passed under former president” Barack Obama” and abandoned by “Trump”.

Biden also said, he chose “Gina McCarthy”, the Obama administration’s epa administrator, to oversee climate policy coordination.

Biden has appointed North Carolina’s environment secretary” Michael Reagan” as head of the U. S. Environment Protection Agency, and “Brenda Mallory”, an environmental lawers, as president of the Environmental Quality Council, Reagan and Mallory are African American.

The President-elect said that by selecting the figures announced Saturday, his government would include six African Americans.

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