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SDF leader exposes Russian position and rebukes Syrian media over Ain Issa

Kajin Ahmad –

The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces “Abu Omar Al-Adlibi”, confirmed that Turkey and the armed factions loyal to it seek to occupy the entire north of Syria, and that its ambitions do not stand in a certain area by the cheek itself, stressing ankara’s lack of commitment to the understandings and agreements between it and Russia and America.

In a special statement to “Xeber24” on Friday, the military commander condemned the russian position silent about the repeated Turkish attacks on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and condemned “the shameful and cowardly positions of the Syrian regime and its media channels and show blame and gloating towards the aggression against Syria people and land.

He said: “The successive and continuous attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from the factions of the National Army terrorist sought to open a gap on the front lines of the fighting in the vicinity of Ain Issa to infiltrate from it and achieve a breach even if it was simple, because the media machine and the trumpets of the opposition, spun fake victories since the dawn of this day and fabricated videos of their control over the villages of Jahbel and Musheirifa, despite the fact that the two villages fall within the lines of fire that separate our forces from the parts of the national army”.

The military commander explained, “Therefore, I emphasize through my constant follow-up and inspection of the axes of fighting in Ain Issa on the failure of the attack and the situation on the ground has never changed on the axes of fighting between us and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and I have touched in my tour today the spirit of resistance and high confidence in the victory of our fighters, who inflicted losses of nearly ten terrorists killed, in addition to the wounded in the toll of the violent attack that was thwarted, thanks to their courage and combat performance, despite all the military support, logistics, support and artillery of the occupation army. “The Turkish terrorists attacked the axes of Ain Issa”.

Al-Adelbi stressed, “The Turkish occupation state seeks to dominate and occupy the entire north of Syria, and its ambitions will not stand at the eye of Issa if you can, so the SDF is working on an integrated military strategy to defend all areas of democratic self-administration, and to repel all attacks and respond to them.

He continued: “Turkey has not and will never abide and respect the understandings and agreements between it and the United States and Russia that occurred during the occupation of the cities of Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad last year for a ceasefire, and it is obvious that the Turkish occupation state directs its fire near the Russian observation points and the places of the Syrian regime forces, this is followed by the Turkish occupation state in the lines of the petition also in the area of de-escalation in Idlib.”

He noted that this “comes in the context of messages that indicate Turkish anger from Russia, from which Turkey expects a lot in the north and east of Syria, while the State of The Russian Federation is the guarantor and conducts joint patrols with Turkey since last year’s understandings demanding pressure on the Turkish side to stop its continuous attacks and to curb its ambitions towards our regions as the guarantor of the ceasefire.”

In response to their comments on russia’s silent position on these attacks, the military commander explained, “The Russian silence seems to be based on the completion of the withdrawal of turkish occupation forces from observation posts in the de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria, in addition to the interests and files between Russia and Turkey economic and military “.

But what is surprising is not the syrian regime’s indifferent attitude towards the current and previous Turkish aggression, we are used to it, but it is surprising and reprehensible that the syrian regime’s trumpets and media channels are shameful and cowardly and show blame and gloating towards the aggression against Syria, the people and the land,” he said..”‘

Translated by : khoshben sheikho

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