Washington decides to close its last two consulates in Russia

Prepared and Translated by: Khoshbin sheikho – Xeber24.net

The U.S. State Department said in a statement that it intends to suspend the work of its last two remaining consulates in Russia.

And U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in close consultation with U.S. Ambassador to Moscow John Sullivan, has decided to close the consulate general in the far eastern city of Vladivostok and suspend the activities of the Consulate General in the Siberian city of Yekaterinburg, a ministry spokesman told TASS on Friday.

And the spokesman noted that the decision was aimed at optimally reorganizing the work of U.S. diplomats in the country, “as part of ongoing efforts to ensure the security and safety of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia more effectively and securely.

The associated press also reported recently that President Donald Trump’s administration has informed Congress of its intention to suspend the consulates general’s work by claiming to respond to the Russian authorities’ 2017 decision to reduce the number of staff at U.S. diplomatic missions on its territory.

And she added that 10 consular staff would move to the embassy in Moscow.

The United States Embassy in Moscow will remain the only diplomatic mission of the United States to continue its work in Russia

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