At a cost of up to $5 million.. self-management is working to deliver drinking water to the city of Hasakeh

Pergin Hassoun –

“It is working to deliver drinking water to the city of Hasaka, which is suffering from water shortages at The Aluk station by Turkey,” the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria said On Wednesday.

She stressed that the Law of Caesar, which was imposed on Syria, negatively affected our regions and affected many projects of the Authority of The Departments of Environment and Environment as a result of the high exchange rate of the dollar.

“Caesar’s law has changed the course of our work, and it has reduced the budget by more than half, and because the nature of our work and most of our projects are in dollars,” explained Joseph Lahdo, co-chair of the Local Administrations and Environment Authority in the Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.

Regarding sanitation projects, Lahdo said, “We have rehabilitated sewage systems in various areas of the north.

With regard to the roads, Lahdo added, “They have carried out many asphaltprojects in Kobane, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, in addition to Derek, Hasakeh and Manbij, and during 2020 we have completed a large section of the asphalt roads.

” “They rehabilitated many water stations and secured water for some areas such as Hybrid and Baguz in Deir ez-Zor, which they did not reach, and we also dug many wells in The City of Hasakeh as a quick case,” Hesser Lahdo said.

“There were many bridges and ruined ferries that we worked to rehabilitate to return to service and it was important to serve the citizens,” Lahdo said.

“The environment is our priority and we are working to support it, as there is a project in Kobane to establish an environmental village with an area of 2 hectares that will be expanded as needed and is the first of its kind in northern and eastern Syria,” Lahdo said.

“One of the obstacles that stood in front of us in 2020 is the high exchange rate of the dollar, which is due to the decrease in the budget that we have prepared in advance, as most of the items have increased in price,” he said.

With regard to the water problem in Hasakeh, Lahdo explained that they are “working to draw the water of the Khabur River and put it in The Lake of Hama near Hasaka and the cost of this project is estimated at $5.5 million and we also have a drinking water treatment project in Kobane, Manbij and Al-Tabqa.

“One of the projects is also to address the problems of sanitation and securing heavy machinery to serve our needs, and we will also build a refinery for the filtering of the fuel that produces the original asphalt and the highest specifications, and we have a project to rehabilitate the Raqqa Bridge, even if there is no one.

“We have prepared environmental projects at a cost of approximately 600 million L.S.A.,” said Joseph Lahdo.

“We will complete the asphalting project in the northern and eastern regions of Syria and we will have a huge asphalting project by 2021”.

Translated by: Khoshbin Shiekho

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