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British Newspaper Reveals Turkish Intelligence Plot To Assassinate Kurdish Politicians In Austria

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The British Newspaper “Telegraph” Reported That A Turkish Intelligence Agent Turned Himself In To The Austrian Authorities, And Admitted That He Received Orders From Ankara In Order To Assassinate A Prominent Kurdish Policy.

According To The Newspaper, A Turkish Spy Named “Fayyad Oztok” Turned Into An Amount And Revealed An Alleged Plan To Attack Three People On Austrian Soil.

According To The Newspaper’s Report, Which Was Translated By American Al-Hurra, That “BERIVAN ASLAN , A 39-Year-Old Austrian Politician Of Kurdish Origin, Was The Target Of The Assassinations.

According To The Newspaper, The Authorities Take These Allegations Seriously, The Targeted Policy Has Not Been Allowed Under Police Protection Since The Beginning Of The Investigation And Is Not Allowed To Leave Her Home Without Wearing A Bulletproof Vest.

During The Investigation, Oztok’s Attempts Confirmed That He Was Being Held On Charges Of Spying For A Foreign Country, And Had Been Blackmailed By The Turkish Intelligence Service To Participate In The Assassination Of “Prevan Aslan,” Adding A, The Goal Was “To Spread Chaos And Send A Message To Aslan And Others.

He Added That Her Assassination Was Supposed To Take Place Last March, But He Was Suspended In Italy After Breaking His Leg In An Accident.

It Was Found That Violent Attacks Had Been Planned Against Two Othe Politicians, Including Peter Beals, A Leader Of The Austrian Green Party.

Biles Has Been Appointed To A Position On The Intelligence Committee Of The Former Austrian Parliament, Known For His Harsh Criticism Of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According To Prevan, The Turkish Intelligence Network In Austria Had About 400 Spies.

The “Dead” Turkish Spy Admitted To Austrian Authorities, An Agent Working For The Turkish Intelligence Service, That He Had Been Ordered In August To Kill Brevan Aslan, An Austrian Kurdish Politician And Member Of The Austrian Green Party.

Peter Beals Announced His Plans To Assassinate Brevan On The News Site “Zack Zak, Where He Worked As An Editor, Saying: “The Turkish Intelligence Has Informed Him That He Is On The List Of Those Who Were Planned To Assassinate Them, Along With Aslan And Austrian Member Of The European Parliament Andreas Cheddar.

Perevan and Zack Zak editor Peter Beals revealed that the Turkish intelligence service had created a huge network of informants and troublemakers from Yergner to Vinna and that the Austrian intelligence was aware of this, and that some pages in the media had the Turkish intelligence service had about 6,000 agents in Germany, but for their number in Austria it is unknown.

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